Source One's Joe Payne and William Dorn authored "Changing Internal Perceptions" is featured in the Thought Leaders section of the July/August 2012 issue of Procurement Leaders Magazine. This section of the publication is reserved for in depth procurement expert views and key issues.

The article speaks to perception of procurement departments as a tactical piece of an organization rather than a strategic tool to be used to optimize budgets and realize value.  Joe and Bill go on to describe key steps, which include involving all stakeholders, communication, defining cost savings, and customized reporting, that procurement personnel can take to better position themselves within an organization and promote their value internally.

The authors write:

"Over the past 20 years helping procurement professionals, we have discovered several steps that can be taken throughout the sourcing process which can help change the internal perception of procurement from a burdensome adversary to a vital strategic partner."

Check out the recent issue of Procurement Leaders to read the rest of Bill and Joe's article.  The full-text version can also be found online if you are a subscriber.
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