Grain harvest decrease in Australia Western Australia is seeing a decrease in the amount of grain the area is producing, with yields dropping by a possible 40 percent as a result of dry weather.

Western Australia is the country's biggest grain growing region, according to Bloomberg. Frost has also threatened the health of the crops in the area.

The 2011-2012 season saw a bumper crop in the region, with 15 million metric tons of grain produced, according to Bloomberg. In contrast, this year's crop could be as little as 9 million tons, according to grain operations manager Max Johnson, who was quoted in the article. Johnson said the majority of the crop - between 65 and 70 percent - would be wheat.

“We need an extended rainfall all the way through the end of September to even try and get it back on track,” Johnson said by phone from Perth on July 27. “We’ve seen frost after frost after frost all the way over the Wheatbelt that has retarded growth or put it in dormancy. That’s hurting us.”

Corn is also decreasing in production as a result of the dry weather in the Midwest area of the United States, which is causing prices to increase across the country and has had supply chain repercussions, with corn imports from Brazil on the rise.
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