White House recognizes successful hospitalsThe White Council on Environmental Quality recently brought together healthcare organization executives and policymakers to discuss the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, which aims to cut healthcare costs, reduce facilities' environmental footprint, and improve patient care.

Hospitals around the country are looking for ways to improve their supply chain management as part of these efforts. More than 10 leaders from the health and environmental sectors engaged in two panel discussions at the White House event, entitled "Fostering a Culture of Environmental Sustainability" and "Healthier Hospitals Initiative: Transforming the Supply Chain."

"By implementing the challenges put forth by the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, enrolled hospitals are working to improve the environment, the health of our patients and to lower costs," said Gary Cohen, president of Health Care Without Harm and founder of HHI. "The Initiative is leading the healthcare sector in reducing bottom-line costs."

The supply chain component of the initiative focuses on procuring "environmentally preferable" products. The demand for these products appears already to be affecting suppliers. A recent Healthcare Packaging article focused on a trend toward greener packaging in the medical device and pharmaceuticals sectors.
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