Two deals closed by healthcare players in the southern USTwo players in the healthcare industry in the U.S. South recently closed deals. In one case, the deal will impact hospital staffing, and the other will more directly affect the supply chain for medical products.

Accountable Healthcare Holdings Corporation, which provides quality healthcare staffing solutions, recently became a more formidable company in the southeastern U.S. market by acquiring First Choice Staffing Solutions.

First Choice Staffing Solutions is a private company that specializes in delivering skilled healthcare professionals to medical facilities around the Central and South Georgia areas. The company is based in Macon, Georgia.

First Choice Staffing is Accountable Healthcare Solutions' third acquisition this year. The company has acquired so many other companies in order to stay on task to implement its plan to increase the number of startup offices.

"I am extremely pleased to close the acquisition of First Choice which has a stellar reputation in the market which they serve," stated Robert J. Adamson, Chairman & CEO of Accountable Healthcare Holdings Corp. "The owners will stay on after the acquisition and Accountable plans to add resources to facilitate growth of the business. First Choice will be rebranded to Accountable Healthcare Staffing."

The state of Georgia has more than a 150 general hospitals and hundreds of healthcare facilities, making the acquisition by Accountable Healthcare Holdings a profitable business move that could generate cost savings and make physicians' job easier. The acquisition also gives AHS a way to expand and grow its business outside of Georgia.

"We are very excited to be part of the Accountable Healthcare Staffing family," said Vic Rowan, CEO of First Choice Staffing Solutions, LLC.  "This will no doubt allow us to offer our clients an array of services to meet their needs, while offering more opportunities for our nurses to help them meet their career goals."

AHS has more than two centuries of experience between the executive management and branch teams, who provide quality healthcare staffing solutions in the Georgia area. The company is the fastest growing healthcare staffing agency in the country and has gained a positive reputation in Boca Raton, Florida; Clearwater, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Portland, Oregon; East Brunswick, New Jersey; Houston, Texas and Macon, Georgia.

Roper Industries acquires Sunquest
Roper Industries also recently announced a complete acquisition of Sunquest for an estimated $1.42 billion, according to The Associated Press. Roper Industries is a medical and industrial equipment maker based in Tucson, Arizona, and Sunquest, which designs hospital software, is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

"Sunquest meets all of Roper's key acquisition criteria and is an ideal fit with both our medical and software platforms," said Roper chairman, president and CEO Brian Jellison in a statement recently.

According to Roper officials, Sunquest will continue to operate under its own name and market products and services under its current brand name. Sunquest is owned by groups including Huntsman Gay Global Capital and Vista Equity Partners. The president of the company stated that the acquisition will provide the company with the finances and strategic resourcing that is necessary to increase the number of products and the quality of the materials and services being offered by the company.

The acquisition will reportedly take 30 days to become official. Following the acquisition, Roper's earnings increased 8 percent to $114.8 million, or $1.14 per share, from $106.3 million just a year earlier.
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