Pearson seals deal with Author SolutionsPearson, one the world's leading learning resources companies, recently announced it has acquired Author Solutions, Inc. from Bertram Capital.

The deal is reported to be for $116 million in cash and is expected to position the company's Penguin imprint as a leader in the fast-growing segment of the publishing industry: self-publishing. As noted by Penguin's chief, the rise of self-publishing has fundamentally altered the supply chain for books.

"Self-publishing has moved into the mainstream of our industry over the past three years," said John Makinson, Penguin's chief executive. "It has provided new outlets for professional writers, a huge increase in the range of books available to readers and an exciting source of content for publishers such as Penguin. Noone has captured this opportunity as successfully as Author Solutions, which has rapidly built a position of world leadership on a platform of outstanding customer support and tailor-made publishing services."

Makinson added that the acquisition will give Penguin the ability to fully participate in the fastest growing area of the publishing economy while acquiring customer acquisition and data analytics capabilities.

Pearson also recently acquired GlobalEnglish for $90 million in cash, continuing the company's efforts in becoming a bigger player in the market for business English products.
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