Did you know March is National Procurement Month? That's right, in addition to peanuts, noodles, sauce, and Irish-American heritage, Procurement gets a moment in the spotlight as Q1 draws to a close.

While everyone at Source One advocates for the function's value all year round, now is the perfect time to reflect on what it is we love about our work. The Strategic Sourceror asked several Source One team members why they chose a career in Procurement.

Their answers paint a picture of what an exciting and ever-changing world the Procurement space is. Check them out:

Why Procurement? 

My background was in Apparel Design and although I was able to let my creative mind soar, it was somewhat limited to a specific clientele, industry, and product offering.  Procurement allowed me to take a more holistic approach in understanding business operations and the demands of both my customers and their customers across hundreds of categories andindustries.  I love being able to learn about multiple products and services and work with different faces all the time.  Every engagement is so unique as well even when revisiting the same product or supplier team.  Procurement has given me a chance to be an entrepreneur who brings a strategic approach to how companies engage with their suppliers while encouraging end users to be more efficient and cost conscious in how they use the products and services required to running their business.     

I started working in Procurement to build new skills and gain exposure to more areas of Corcentric's service offering. It's an exciting field where every day and every engagement brings something different.

- Amber DiCarlo, Analyst

Procurement brings global best practices together. One common objective for any company is to generate value, and procurement starts by optimizing costs and reporting on any savings achieved. Procurement delivers tangible benefits that can offer companies achievable results. Those laurels rests on procurement’s ability to understand the fundamentals of not just a business, but multiple businesses. This culminates in the result-driven process that procurement operates. That's what made me want to work in procurement.

- Michael Vu, Analyst 

Why Not? 

Want to learn to love Procurement? Reach out to Source One's team to start driving the function into its next strategic era.
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