Procurement strategies for emergency preparedness can't be overemphasized enough. No matter what form they come in, natural disasters can cripple supply chains in short order.

A number of businesses in Alabama are learning this the hard way, as a major tornado recently ripped through the region and sadly left a deadly path of destruction.

On March 3, a deadly EF-3 tornado more than a mile long sent shockwaves throughout the town of Beauguard, a community in the southeast portion of the Yellowhammer State, tearing trees up from their roots and obliterating dozens of homes and businesses, according to The Associated Press.

Tragically, 23 people were killed and at least 90 individuals were injured, reported.
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey declared a state of emergency in the immediate aftermath and assured those affected that they would get all the help they needed.

"Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives in the storms that hit Lee County today," Ivey said in a tweet, according to "Praying for their families & everyone whose homes or businesses were affected."

It wasn't just businesses and families in Beauguard that bore the brunt of the twister's wrath. Much of Lee County is in tatters, observers confirmed. The Daily Beast reported fields, once festooned with businesses, have largely been leveled, as the EF-3 resulted in damage described as unimaginable.
Natural disasters make logistics extraordinarily difficult to manage, but there are a few things businesses can do to prepare for worst-case scenarios:
  • Develop a business continuity plan, which lays out the course of action for different scenarios.
  • Update business insurance policy yearly.
  • Determine safest building to congregate in before twister strikes.
  • Connect with vendors to keep them apprised of the latest developments before, during and after the storm.
  • Establish a chain of protocol so people know who to call.
  • Keep customers informed of your company's status should you need to close.
The recovery in Alabama is underway and it's safe to say that businesses will do their utmost to resume operations - and thus the supply chain - as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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