ICYMIM: March 4, 2019

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The Future of Procurement is Mobile — Here’s Why
Guest Aman Mann, Spend Matters, 2/28/2019
The CEO of Procurify, Aman Mann, highlights some big numbers in savings for procurement, as far as work hours are concerned. Reportedly, 11 hours per purchase order could be saved with mobile procurement solutions. Mann notes e-procurements advancements in digital transformation, but emphasizes the vast room for adoption and innovation with the nations growing mobile landscape. Visit this guest blog for more information.

How Walmart Is Attracting New Drivers Amid a National Trucker Shortage
Staff, Thomas Net, 2/27/2019
"98% turnover," is a shocking number, but that's the 2018 numbers according to the American Trucking Association. With many retiring baby boomers and high competition and a skyrocketing shortage in the trucking arena, Walmart was able to accomplish a great feat in the last quarter of 2018, by hiring 1400 new truckers. See how Walmart drove its new recruiting initiatives and why they were succesful. These tactics, like high referral bonuses, connecting through social media, and a streamlines hiring process can be transferred to any recruitment process. Walmart doesn't have any plans on slowing down for 2019, so let's keep our ears out to see how these methods continue to playout.

The Value of Market Intelligence in a Down Economy
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 2/21/2019
Noticing a trend in market intelligence budget cuts when the economy gets bad, or when we need it most according to Lamoureux, he reminds us why having educated and informed talent is one of the most important assets we can have when the economy is going under. His approach is that smart sourcing is the key in a down economy and that sourcing stems from market cost data and expected supplier performance, product quality, lifespan and consumer usage levels (market intelligence). Visit the article for key benefits on market intelligence as Lamoureux helps us take a look at the big picture.
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