ICYMIM: March 11, 2019

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What the Heck are Companies Buying When They Purchase Accounts Payable Technology?
Jason Busch, Spend Matters, 3/7/2019
In preparation for Spend Matters' Accounts Payable Automation SolutionMap, they are looking to define the bounds of AP automation solutions, as the market sees them. Busch begins by laying the landscape for AP automation as far as the functional areas it covers, and then explains the variance between focus areas in different vendors. In short, these vendors cannot be looked at on an 'apples-to-apples' basis. Visit the post to see how Busch cuts through the confusion.

10 Business Intelligence Trends: From Analytics Adoption to Explainable AI and Converging BI Platforms Alex Behrens, Spend Matters, 3/6/2019
Tableau's 2019 Business Intelligence Trends report lists the top 10 advancements in BI technology. Behrens outlines these advancements and how the floods of new data are changing mandated processes and the way we use them. Visit for more on cloud-based analytics, adoption, BI convergence, data privacy, storytelling, and more--as well as the full Tableau report.

Seeing the Light: Why More CFOs are Using Procurement as a Tool for Business Growth
Lawrence Cook, Future of Sourcing, 2/25/2019
CFOs in Europe are seeing their procurement teams as more than mere back-office functionalities, but as proactive business tools. Efficiency improvements, growth and gross profit are the top three challenges for European businesses. Limitations in in-house resources has led these businesses to consider new methods of outsourced procurement to achieve strategic objectives for short-term and long-term goals. Visit the post for more details on how. 
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