March 22, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Podcast:
Recognizing the Value of Soft Skills
We invite Source One Director, Jennifer Ulrich, to discuss the debate about hard & soft skills and the need to have a balance of both. There's confusion and misconception over what a hard or soft skill really is, whether a soft skill can be measured, and if that now makes it a hard skill. We discuss the problem with silos that stem from the demand of tech-based skills, as well as the training versus capability of certain skills. Ulrich also gives her thouhts on soft skills that are necessary to have for strategic procurement and risk management. Visit and subscribe to our podcast channel to hear more!

Upcoming Events:

ISM 2019 | April 7 -10 | Houston, TX
Less than a month until ISM 2019, Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) Annual Conference, sponsored by Source One! Mix, mingle and learn from thought leaders and your peers in the Supply Chain industry. Get engaged in multiple breakout sessions and discover new solutions that are available with over 100 leading industry suppliers featured at the event.

ExecIn | April 8 - 9 | Houston, TX
The premier Supply Chain leadership experience is less than a month away! An exclusive sub-conference for C-suite Supply Chain professionals taking place the second and third days of ISM2019. This event entails elite keynote speakers, collaborative and thought-provoking discussions and insights on the relevant industry topics. If you have interest in this invite-only event be sure to reach out to Carole Boyle at
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