As Source One plans to attend the Rutgers University Supply Chain Meet and Greet on September 17th, we decided to take a deeper look into why there was such an unarguable demand to attend this event—for students and corporations alike. While supply chain professionals work daily to refine supply chains and granular details of business process, it can become easy to overlook the larger impact of supply chain management and why jobs in the field are so desirable. Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine made it clear why supply chain management is the “Sexiest Job in the World” in their March 2014 article. Here’s some key take aways from what they had to say:
1. Successful Supply Chains are the Blueprint for Successful Products
Without a smooth backbone of operations, none of the products and technologies we value most would be possible. As a product or service gains global traction, effective supply chain management is what allows for the expansion of that offering and its effective transition into a new area.

2. Supply Chain Management Demands The Newest Technology
As globalization becomes a crucial component of countless businesses, supply chains become more and more complex. Advanced technologies can aid in managing relationships with partners, ERP software, and cloud-based collaboration platforms.

3. The Most Successful Supply Chains are Fast and Agile
To overcome disruptions, keep up with changing market conditions, and withstand competitive burden, supply chain management requires quick response to changes. For professionals up for the challenge, this offers an exciting and active role in a company’s stability.

For these reasons among others, it seems clear why crowds of job seekers will be flocking to the Supply Chain Meet and Greet on the 17th. If you are a job seeker and are interested in the same fast-paced supply chain environment from a consultant perspective, there is  chance Source One is the company for you. Come see us at the meet and greet and learn more about all the supply chain field can offer—you’d be pleasantly surprised.

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