Traditional Procurement BPO is ineffective in managing the needs of modern procurement

Source One has been in the news again. If you missed it, here's a quick recap.

Increasing Success in the Strategic Sourcing of Marketing Spend

Kathleen Jordan sat down for an interview with Kelly Barner of to talk about the recently released Marketing Insights Report, and to talk about the dynamics that exist in the Sourcing-Marketing relationship and how they can be used to foster a bridge between the two departments or to drive a wedge between them. Important things Sourcing should do when working with marketing, according to the two's conversation?

  • Understand (and embrace) Marketing's Culture
  • Have the Right Executive Involvement
  • Get Tactical to Be Strategic
  • Internalize the Nature of Agency Relationships
  • Know What Procurement Methods Have a Place in Managing Marketing Spend
The entire article is available to read over on, and you can download a copy of the Marketing Insights Report at

Is Business Process Outsourcing Becoming Outdated?

Vice President of Professional Services Joe Payne continues to explore the state of traditional Procurement BPO options in the face of a changing landscape within the Procurement and Sourcing landscape. In an infographic appearing on ThomasNet's Procurement Journal today, Joe walks through the typical reasons companies would bring in a traditional BPO solution for their Procurement group. After going over how Procurement and Sourcing has changed over time, and what the present demands from these departments are, he details the ways in which traditional BPO offering is no longer effective for modern Sourcing and Procurement departments in need of flexible, scalable subject matter experts.

If you'd like to know more about the difficulties in utilizing traditional BPO offerings in a modern, strategic Sourcing group, visit

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