Emirates project coincides with global air freight conference

Between the inception of Oman's multi-billion dollar inland logistics hub and new developments in Dubai, Southwest Asia seems to be making a place for itself in the global sourcing arena. Investment in the area has been consistent over the past year, and shippers headquartered within the region are feeling the effects. 

Taking flight 

According to Air Cargo World, Emirates SkyCargo is prepared to migrate to Dubai World Central as the first phase of construction, which includes the cross-docks and perishables areas, has been completed. As of May 1, all 12 of the planes are operating from the new terminal. Emirates SkyCargo Senior Vice President of Cargo Operations Worldwide Dave Gould told the press that initial operations will consist of 250 employees, while 250 more will be added once the DWC is fully operational. 

"The move of our freighter operations to DWC provides us with the opportunity to have a dedicated facility for our freighters with the required infrastructure, space and opportunity to further expand and meet our customers' needs," said Gould, as quoted by the news source. 

Gould noted that about two million tons of cargo is processed at Dubai International Airport on an annual basis. What SkyCargo hopes to do is handle freighters exclusively at DWC while passenger fleet belly cargo operations continue at DIA. A marketing analysis conducted by the air freight company showed that once the terminal is completed, it will be able to handle 700,000 tons of material per year - that's 35 percent of the total amount running through DIA.

Educating the future 

According to a separate article by Air Cargo World, the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) will launch the organization's first professional development workshop at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in late June. Secretary general Doug Britton announced at TIACA's recent Executive Summit in Istanbul that the program will focus on developing management and decision-making sills, as well as answering the following questions:

  • What is e-procurement and how will it force the global air cargo industry to adapt?
  • How can staff quickly assemble financial analysis that scrutinizes an entire global operation? 
  • What marketing strategies can be leveraged to fuel an enterprise's brand?

"The workshops will also provide the perfect backdrop for raising question and thoughts, creating the process of change required for industry development and growth," said Britton.

The initiative to educate those participating in the air cargo industry, combined with developments around the world, shows that progress is being made in the global economy as businesses begin to procure more goods from disparate parts of the globe. 

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