Source One Round Up

July 14, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!


Bot Technology: A Procurement Expert's Thoughts
Ken Ballard, Buyers Meeting Point, 7/11/2017

Apple's App store has been offering users thousands for applications for almost a decade, but there's a new type of software application in town. With artificial intelligence on the rise companies are experimenting with bot technology, which runs on scripts over the internet to pull data from other places and improve the function of existing applications through updates. Facebook specifically has experimented with human versus bot and bot versus human to demonstrate the new technology's ability to negotiate. Automated negotiations could support e-Sourcing initiatives as negotiations in these processes are still completed by human interaction with the system.


Members of Source One's spend management team accompanied partner Corporate United as they got started on their Road to SYNERGY tour in early June, en route for their first stop in Baltimore, Maryland. The one-day conferences on the Road to SYNERGY invite industry professionals local to select regional areas across the country to participate in engaging conversations, educational workshops, and informative presentations from supply chain leaders. Members in Dallas, TX are preparing for the next stop on the Road to SYNERGY as Source One and CU travel down south August 15th to host the next event in the series. 
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