ICYMIM: July 17, 2017

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Against the Odds: Four Keys to Procurement Outsouring Success
Philip Ideson, Art of Procurement, 7/06/2017

A service provider that demonstrates innovation, offers subject matter expertise, and possesses market intelligence is a valuable partner for any organization. If both parties can take a strategic approach to the relationship, it can be a beneficial partnership for everyone involved. If you're considering engaging a firm to access their insights and expertise, there are a few things you can do to structure this partnership to deliver value that surpasses short term cost savings. A successful relationship is flexible, and includes a team approach between the buying organization and service provider. Check out these suggestions to unlock hidden potential in your outsourced procurement partnership. 

Why Can't We Get No Satisfaction? 
Michael Lamoureux aka The Sourcing Doctor, Sourcing Innovation, 7/14/2017

Now more than ever, professionals in the procurement industry are emphasizing how long term success and overall value are priorities over short term cash savings. While they strive to do the best they can, hard constraints from stakeholders can hinder their ability to select the best possible solution for certain situations. Even with modern Procurement and Sourcing solutions, more than 40% do not possess modern spend analysis solutions that could be especially supportive to the professionals in this function. And for remaining percentage that do have access, these tools are often outdated or offer a negative user experience, demonstrating that an investment in this area could in turn be an investment for other functions in the organization.

The Recruiter's View: Top Hiring Insights of 2017 
Nysha King, MRINetwork, 07/06/2017

In a recent study conducted by the MRINetwork, data gathered from recruiters and employees offers insights on why attracting the ideal talent has become a struggle, and what can be done to overcome this challenge in the recruiting process. Factors like workplace expectations and traditional management strategies have changed as younger generations begin to fill these roles and introduce their own approaches to office culture. While recruiters are working to make this adjustment, they are also recognizing that the market continues to be candidate driven, as it has for several years now due to decreases in unemployment rates throughout the country.  
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