ICYMIM: July 10, 2017

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Kelly Barner, Procurement Leaders, 7/5/2017

Certain traditional procurement best practices are now being recognized as more of a risk factor and experts are recommending reconsidering following these strategies. While consolidation and lower costs were once major goals, modern procurement is redefining what it means to deliver value. Their approach and the processes they follow are also being revisited, as they realize opportunity for the best result of any sourcing engagement comes from catering to the specific needs of not only the category, but the suppliers participating as well. Innovation and individualized solutions are Procurement's go-to for delivering the most value 

Greg Tennyson, Art of Procurement, 7/5/2017

Before attempting to implement any changes for a transformation, it is crucial to understand where your procurement organization is now. From there you can identify advocates and the managers who will support the transformation to ensure it is an efficient and effective transition for your organization. There is no single outline that will work for every company, the approach will need to be individualized based on values, overarching goals, culture and employee demographics of the enterprise. 

Christina O'Handley, ThomasNet, 7/5/2017

As we consider the future of logistics, and transportation and delivery of goods purchased through e-Commerce, traditional trucks, planes and trains can't compete with modern technology. Recent studies and trials with drones that can bother operate in the sky and on land are showing progress towards same-day or even same hour (depending on location) delivery for online shoppers. Once these drones meet safety requirement and are approved for use, online vendors are expected to invest and reduce transportation and shipping costs.  
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