Source One Round Up: October 30,2015 

Here's a look at where Source One experts have been featured this week!

Techniques for Accurately and Efficiently Forecasting Demand
Whether your organization needs to improve relationships with current suppliers or looking to strategically source new suppliers, effective forecasting and planning is key to staying ahead of your supply chain operations. Avoid over using warehouse space or dealing with the nightmares of low inventory by following these 3 tips. Source One experts have witnessed the consequences of poor planning and have helped clients implement best practices to improve supplier communication and optimize internal processes for a more efficient operation.

A Millennial Intern's Perspective on Procurement

One of Source One's stellar interns, Michael Hinkley, sat down with Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point to discuss his perspective on procurement, as a millennial new to the industry. 

Past Events:
Source One at La Salle University: The past Wednesday, Source One's Data Scientist, James Patounas spoke at La Salle University to members of the college's Business Systems and Analytics Club. Patounas shared his insight into how data analytics is applied in the realm of procurement, to aid cost management initiatives and support overall business functions. 

Procurement Excellence 2016: Yesterday, Source One's consultants attended Corporate United's premier thought leadership and networking event at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Cleveland!

Upcoming Events:
ProcureCon Pharma 2015: Check out Joseph Payne, Source One's VP of professional Services, as a featured speaker challenging Procurement Professionals to demonstrate their value proposition in his Innovation Spotlight titled: Procurement Reality Check.

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