UPS opens new health care supply facility

UPS recently opened a facility equipped with comprehensive medical device replenishment services. Located in New Jersey, the new facility will be used for medical supply distribution and warehousing.

The space will offer UPS's many medical clients comprehensive logistics services. Of these offerings, UPS will provide instrument inspection and surgical set replenishment.  UPS owns an air hub at Philadelphia International Airport and this new warehouse is located close by, which will allow for quick turnaround times.

This location will enable UPS to provide for countless hospitals across the U.S. This wide reach, combined with quick turnover times, makes this new space a great move for any company looking to improve its overall supply management.

This new facility will cut travel time for health care supplies to around four hours for more than 80 percent of U.S. hospitals. 

UPS's move to medical
This is one of many moves by UPS to break into the field of health care logistics, according to CNBC. The push toward this new focus area has much to do with the expected rising need for health care supplies.

"The number of people over the age over 50 is expected to double over the next couple of years, creating a larger demand for health care," said Vice President of Healthcare Logistics for UPS John Menna​, as quoted by the source.

The model exhibited by UPS plays heavily on the desire for overall cost reduction in the health care sector. UPS's system allows for many medical kits to be reused, which presents a reduction in overall spending. These cheaper methods, combined with record-low turnaround time, make UPS's new services highly appealing. reported CNBC.

UPS's New Jersey facility is most likely the first of many similar spaces to come and could represent a significant shift in the world of health care supply management.

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