The responsibilities of strategic sourcing and procurement departments for pharmaceutical companies is ever growing in complexity. Dealing with global inflation and tight timelines for product development and distribution, procurement organizations are tasked with balancing cost and quality, identifying regulatory-compliant suppliers, accurately forecasting supply and demand, and mitigating ongoing risks, all while operating highly productively and efficiently. To say this is a challenge for many pharmaceutical companies is an understatement. In less than a month, ProcureCon Pharma kicks off at the Hilton 
Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing. The two-day conference geared towards procurement professionals in the pharmaceutical industry includes a loaded agenda including workshops, presentations, and discussions, focused on equipping sourcing professionals for navigating the pharma-specific procurement challenges.

Among the speakers is Source One’s Vice President of Professional Services, Joe Payne. On day one of the conference, Payne will be presenting on the topic of Breaking the Procurement Outsourcing Mold: Looking Beyond Traditional BPO, in an Innovation Spotlight. Payne will discuss why outsourced strategic sourcing continues to remain valid in the pharmaceutical industry, and how access to a team of subject matter experts with direct experience with industry best practices and regulations without the expenses of adding to procurement’s headcount. However, as Payne will highlight, the ROI diminishes over time when organizations don’t build scalability into their solutions and select the right procurement services provider. During his presentation, Payne will demonstrate solutions for staying ahead of the curve to maximize your ROI in both the short- and long-term.

Best-in-class organizations are quickly realizing the benefits of innovative outsourcing models that offer scalability for both current and future business needs. At Source One, we provide the on-demand support of strategic sourcing subject matter experts to meet your procurement objectives. For more information on Source One’s procurement outsourcing services visit: Sourcing and Procurement BPO.
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