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Apple, Inc., as part of their supplier responsibility efforts, released a complete list of its global suppliers last week. This is only the second time, however, that Apple has released a list of its global suppliers that included physical addresses, releasing it for the first time last year as part of its joining the Fair Labor Association.

To illustrate the global impact of Apple's supplier network, China-focused online magazine took the individual suppliers and plotted them in one gigantic interactive map. We pored over their map, then dug into the data. The nitty-gritty?

  • You might think that all of Apple’s products are supplied from Asia. Surprise!! It’s only mostly in Asia, with more than 600 of Apple’s 748 listed suppliers being located within that continent.
  • China wins the “most Apple suppliers” award, with approximately 330 located in the country. Number two? Japan, with 148.
  • Outside of Asia, North America hosts the largest continental contingent of Apple suppliers, with 84 spread out across the U.S. and Mexico. 
  • South America? One. Foxconn opened a facility in Brazil for iPad production and assembly. Brazil just tossed Apple’s copyright for “iPhone” in the country. This facility could have an interesting life ahead of it.
  • The most isolated Apple supplier in the entire world? Arvato Digital maintains a facility in Smithfield, Australia, which places it more than 3,000 miles away from the next nearest supplier in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The only continents not represented were Africa and Antarctica. Africa is quickly becoming a center for low cost manufacturing. Antarctica… step it up, penguins!

To play with the interactive map yourself, click the picture or this link to go to ChinaFile.

For a good look at Apple’s supplier responsibility practices and for a full list of the suppliers, map-free, visit’s Supplier Responsibility page.
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