There are many opportunities for companies to obtain a rebate for energy efficient programs and the North American electric utility budgets for efficiency has increased more than 150% from $2.7 billion in 2007 to $6.8 billion in 2011.  Utility companies are offering programs for nonresidential companies to purchase LED lights at a discounted price which can be used for general lighting in their current building or new construction.  These rebate programs not only help the businesses, but they also increase sales for the manufacturer and local distributor.  Manufacturers like Phillips have partnered with a utility company to provide their LED products at a significant discount.  In addition, local distributors are seeing increased sales from residential and non-residential customers.  Distributors may also be eligible for grants for promoting and providing lighting improvements and other energy saving programs.  Not only do these programs benefit conservation, they also help companies save money.  For example, a "Texas based United Supermarkets retrofitted more than 3,600 doors in its reach in door merchandisers in 47 of its stores with GE's Lumination LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution.  United Supermarkets expects to save more than $633,000 annually in energy and maintenance savings".  For residential customers, don't feel left out.  There are also energy efficient program opportunities for you.  Check your local utility company for rebate offerings and additional ways to save money on your utilities. 
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