It appears that Google has taken a bold leap and has filed suit against The United States of America, specifically The Department of the Interior.  Why?  Because they evidently went out to bid with a Request for Quotation that specifically demanded Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite-Federal (BPOS-Federal).   A quick recap of the lawsuit can be found here.

The Department of the Interior attempted to defend itself saying that their own market research identified no competitors that had the security requirements or could meet their demand.  However, Google is quick to point out that the Microsoft product is new and there are no case studies to point to successes or failures.

What is the point of going out to bid on a no competition contract?   How much money did we, the taxpayers, pay to have a team put together this bid document and "go out to market"?  

Our government is broken when it comes to procurement, among other things.
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William Dorn

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  1. What other things? Name 7.

  2. I agree with Anonymous, it's too easy to end a posting with "among other things". Please be more specific.