Apparel industry to streamline supply chains with RFID chipsThe apparel and garment industry has formed a group that will work to streamline supply chains by creating a set of guidelines and a standard for deploying radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips.

The Item Level RFID Initiative has real implications for businesses that need to save money on their supply chains. Studies have shown that inventory accuracy rates can be boosted from about 60 percent with barcodes to over 95 percent with RFID chips, and items can be counted more than 40 times faster.

The initiative is under the guidance of the supply chain efficiency association Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions, as well as the GS1 US and GS1 Canada standards groups. The goal is to create a system which integrates with the existing Electronic Product Code (EPC) standard, to prevent industries and firms from getting trapped in their own "silo" of standards.

"The significance in this announcement is that there really never has been a call to action by the retail industry before," Art Smith, GS1 Canada's chief executive officer, told the RFID Journal. "Now, they are saying, it looks like this technology is ready for prime time."
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