As I strolled through Target last month to pick up a few random items, I decided to take advantage of the one-stop-shopping experience and hit up the grocery section for baked ziti ingredients. After all, it’s a great dinner to provide for a friend who became a new mommy the previous week! I walked toward the refrigerator/freezer case section (can’t forget the garlic bread!) and caught a glimpse of a few dark cases. I thought to myself “the lights must have burned out” and didn’t think twice about it. To my pleasant surprise the cases lit up one by one as I walked down the aisle in perfect succession! If there was anyone standing by me, they may have heard a low “cooool” uttered as I smiled and continued to shop.

Target hits the green bull’s-eye by installing energy-efficiency initiatives in lighting, refrigeration and HVAC. According to their website, 100 of their stores are currently Energy Star-certified and are working to certify the majority of new and remodeled stores with the Energy Star label. Target has achieved this certification by outfitting the refrigerated cases with LED lights and motion sensors that are designed to illuminate only when a guest walks by (that’s me!). Target is also using low-wattage light fixtures on the sales floor that can reduce a store’s energy cost by about 10%. The energy & climate page of Target’s website also boasts “new light fixtures save more than 110 million kilowatts”. Another initiative that warrants Energy Star-certification is the installation of white roof membranes that reflect sunlight to lower cooling needs and LED lights in exterior signs.

When browsing the web to read up on the matter I came across many other stores that are also hitting the green bull’s-eye: Wal-Mart, Publix, Kroger, Hannaford Supermarket, Whole Foods Market and plenty of others. If you are interested in greening your company, from electrical/light bulbs to cleaning/janitorial supplies, a great first step is a Procurement Sourcing Provider (PSP) – Source One Management Services can help you move toward the green bull’s-eye!

Put a little green in your life as we head into the cooler months, contact us today!
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