Wal-Mart opens new green distribution center that will improve supply chain efficiencyWal-Mart Canada recently unveiled a new distribution center. However, this center of logistics is very different from its other North American logistics hubs as it is one of the most energy-efficient facilities of its kind.

In total, the center cost $115 million and will primarily house fresh and frozen foods for Wal-Mart stores in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The building is outfitted with the latest in green technologies: it has LED lighting, hydrogen fuel cell technology, use of solar and wind energy and improved building design. In total, the company estimates it will be 60 percent more energy efficient than its other standard distribution centers, resulting in greater cost savings and improved efficiency in its supply chain.

Wal-mart's senior vice president for supply chain and logistics, Andrew Ellis, praised the company's newest supply hub, asserting that Wal-mart has truly "delivered a state of the art facility." Deepak Obhrai, a local Canadian politician, commended the company for its investment in clean technology, declaring that it is "already saving industries tons of energy and tons of money." The improvements in efficiency that result from decreased energy costs will enable the company to increase its operating margins and potentially reap heftier profits.

Wal-Mart is an industry leader in logistics and supply chain effectiveness, coordinating shipping to its more than 8,000 worldwide stores.
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