Better forecasting, cost reductions key to improving supply chain efficiencyIn a global economy where raw commodities are growing steadily more expensive and complex supply chains are vulnerable to disruption, better forecasting techniques and cost controls are key to getting a handle on improving corporate logistics. A new study from the Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, has created a prioritized list of best practices for supply chain officers and planners.

The survey of supply chain specialists found that fully 86 percent had recently been asked by management teams to review their supply chains in order to find ways to create a better planning process, while 71 said they'd received requests to improve technology solutions.

"Today, senior management is looking for the supply chain organization to deliver more than just efficiency - it is being asked to deliver innovative cost reduction strategies to help grow their company and present a market strategy differentiator," said Nari Viswanathan, vice president and principal analyst of Supply Chain Management at Aberdeen.

"That's why organizations are increasingly using supply chain planning solutions ... to plan more efficiently and collect input from more stakeholders across the organization."
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