Tivus and Vestel Group reach supply chain agreementTivus Inc., a provider of media entertainment technology to the hospitality industry, announced a supply chain agreement with Vestel Group, a European electronics powerhouse, through CVS, its main North American distributor.

The move gives Tivus access to a "dependable supply of customized, top-quality, high-definition televisions," Shiva Prakash, the company's chief executive office and president, affirmed. Prakash further praised the move, declaring that Vestel Group will provide a "critical part in our supply chain," ensuring the continuous deployment of Tivus's advertising technologies to its clients.

Vestel Group is already a leader in manufacturing and distribution in Europe, where the company is based. The company's holdings are quite diverse - its products range from televisions to air conditioners - and it owns more than 20 percent of the market for televisions in Europe. The supply chain agreement gives Tivus the "dependable hardware supplier" it has searched for, according to Prakash and will save the company time and money.

The supply chain agreement will result in a reduction in decreased headaches for Tivus as it can now rely on Vestel Group for uninterrupted inventory output and a reduction in business costs associated with its purchasing of the goods from other sources.
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