Industry conglomerate Johnson & Johnson announced that it will voluntarily recall large amounts of two of its most popular medicines, children’s Benadryl and junior-strength Motrin, after breakdowns in its supply chain and manufacturing.

In total, Johnson & Johnson is recalling about 4 million children’s Benadryl packages and 800,000 bottles of junior-strength Motrin tablets from drug stores and its suppliers after fears surfaced that the products were not produced under ideal manufacturing conditions. The medicines were made at a company plant in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania that has since been temporarily shuttered because of the worries.

J&J affirms that the products are safe to use and that they passed the company’s safety and quality testing measures, but erring on the side of caution, J&J announced the recall. A spokesperson for the company affirmed that it "is not a consumer-level recall," emphasizing that consumers do "not have to take any action." J&J has suffered through myriad supply chain problems this year: in June, the company recalled large quantities of Tylenol and Motrin IB amid concerns over a moldy smell. After that recall, its sales of the medicines plunged more than 50 percent as wary consumers shied away from the drugs.

J&J hopes to avoid a similar resurgence in consumer backlash this time around, highlighting that is is a "wholesale and retail level" recall that is precautionary, rather than necessary.
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