Phil Ideson is dedicated to elevating the role of Procurement. So dedicated, in fact, that he evangelizes the function every day on a blog and podcast. The Art of Procurement, Ideson argues, isn't just about spreading the word or converting skeptics. It's also about continuing his own education, embracing new perspectives, and absorbing fresh insights.

"I set out," he writes, "to learn as much as I could about the nuances of the procurement profession." Since founding the site in 2015, he's encouraged others to embrace the same attitude and commit themselves to gathering and sharing knowledge. He continues, "The way I look at it is that we are all in this together, collectively striving to move procurement forward."

In the spirit of bringing things together, Ideson recently announced the consolidation of his Art of Procurement brand:

  • The Art of Procurement blog and podcast will retain their name and continue to provide daily insights from Supply Management leaders. 
  • Palambridge, Ideson's managed services offering, is now AOP Experts On-Demand. As an arm of Ideson's brand, it supplements organizations with support from industry-recognized, pre-vetted specialists. 
  • CatalystCo is now AOP Nudge Microlearning. This web-based platform challenges traditional talent development by creating a community of like-minded professionals and providing for an open exchange of insights. 
He's joined by Kelly Barner. In addition to serving as the Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point, she'll support the Art of Procurement and its audience as Content Director.

Ideson acknowledges that the variety of Art of Procurement offerings may have inspired some confusion in the past. "In launching multiple brands," he remarks, "we made it difficult to understand exactly how we can help." Always an advocate for challenging the status quo, Ideson recognized the need to change his own. In doing so, he hopes to better serve clients, prospects, and the Procurement community has a whole.

A lot has changed for Art of Procurement over the last several months. More importantly, however, a lot has remained consistent. "The goals are the same. The philosophy is the same," says Ideson, "But now, we are working toward one unified vision - with you." 

Learn more about Ideson's vision at Art of Procurement

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