ICYMIM: January 14, 2019

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Art of Procurement: E Pluribus Unum
Philip Ideson, Art of Procurement, 1/6/2019
Since 2015, Phil Ideson has offered insights and support to Procurement professionals through a number of outlets. Kicking the new year off with some big news, he has announced his intention to consolidate these brands as a single entity: Art of Procurement. While the goals of Palambridge, CatalystCo, and the Art of Procurement podcast have not changed, they should prove even more effective as a united resource.

The U.S. State Department recently advised professionals and tourists to exercise extreme caution when traveling to China. Quoting from riskmethods, Morris reports that China rates as a particularly risky area to establish supply chain operations. While consumers increasingly expect their preferred brands to behave ethically and responsibly, Chinese supply chains score poorly on the Corruption Perception Index as well. He also casts doubt on the widely-held idea that China and its leadership have grown increasingly liberal and progressive in recent years.

Ad Hoc Working Capital and Diversification of Liquidity
Helen Castor, Future of Sourcing, 1/9/2019
"Digital transformation," Castor writes, "is front and center of the C-level agenda." Skills gaps, however, still stand in the way of most organization's digital efforts. That's the bad news. Castor suggests the good news is that emerging technologies are beginning to automate the process of identifying and assessing critical talent. Freeing up recruiters to engage face-to-face with candidates, these tools make it easier to aggressively and successfully make strategic hiring decisions. 
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