January 11, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper: 
Procurement in 2019 
Source One's experts are sharing reflections and predictions once again. This time around, topics of discussion include cybersecurity, business ethics, and Procurement's ever-pervasive skills gap. What's next for Supply Chain Management? Download Procurement in 2019 today to find out.

New Blog:
Savings Rationalization: What Would You Sacrifice to Maximize Savings
Leigh Merz, Future of Sourcing, 1/3/2019
In the office supplies category, Merz suggests, successful sourcing comes to down to "balancing end-user experience with product viability." Despite the category's universal and critical nature, however, many organizations have little or no policy in place for managing it. As a result, usage is often wildly inconsistent and vendor relationships are anything but strategic. Likening office supplies sourcing to holiday shopping, she offers several tips for finding a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Ocean Freight and the Great Unknown
Joe Lazzerini, ThomasNet, 1/9/2019
With new tariffs and regulations introduced on an almost daily basis, it's an uncertain time for ocean freight shippers and carriers. To make matters more complicated, shifts in the market have meant big changes for capacity. Though Lazzerini acknowledges the future of ocean freight is impossible to predict, he expects to see organizations continue shifting operations out of China and into neighboring countries like Vietnam and Cambodia.

New Podcast:
Start Tackling Tail Spend Today (Part 2) 
Spend Analysis Lead Brian Seipel returns to outline his five-step plan for effective tail spend management. Beginning with a thorough spend analysis, he suggests, organizations can turn this neglected spend area into a source of considerable strategic value. He reminds listeners, however, that it's not enough to carry out the process once. Establishing and maintaining a standard operating procedure is essential to ensure Procurement doesn't fall back into its old bad habits.

Upcoming Event:
Corcentric Symposium | February 13 - 15 | Orlando, FL
Designed to bring out the innovator in you, Corcentric's annual symposium welcomes thought leaders to Florida to network and absorb thought leadership. Reserve your spot today.

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