September 7, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:
MRO Demystified: Repairing the Traditional Approaches to MRO Spend Management
Typical approaches to MRO spend tend to make the complicated category all the more challenging. Source One's new whitepaper series aims to point out the flaws in traditional methodologies and help readers develop a strategic, sustainable approach to this all-important category. Download it today and stay tuned for future installments.

New Blogs:
Remake Procurement with Talent Tips from the Summer Movie Season
Bennett Glace, SIG Speaks, 9/6/2018
Like every summer movie season, this one presented more than its fair share of reboots, retreads, and re-imaginings. No one would blame moviegoers for feeling decidedly uninspired by the action on-screen. Glace takes a closer look at some of this year's notable titles to find the talent management best practices hidden outside the frame. He suggests that Solo, the season's big flop, provides a helpful reminder to look for Procurement talent in new and unexpected places. Later, he evokes Denzel Washington's most recent starring vehicle in advising Procurement to embrace the gig economy.

China: Beyond the Trade War Hype 
Jose Schneider, Buyer's Meeting Point, 9/7/2018
America's escalating trade war with China has provided for more headlines than perhaps any other supply chain news item this year. Schneider examines the conflict and asks an important question, what can we learn from this situation? He first acknowledges that China's powerful position in global trade has created an imbalanced global marketplace. Coupled with the nation's ongoing IP theft, the situation demands some level of action. Schneider then probes the negotiation tactics favored by President Donald Trump. He's hardly surprised that Trump has employed fiery rhetoric and regular threats, but wishes Trump would practice a more sustainable methodology. Heated negotiations, he suggests, are often unavoidable. The whole world could benefit, however, if politicians applied the strategies of more ethical private sector negotiators.

New Podcast:
Demystifying MRO Spend Management (Part 1)
Associate Director and MRO category expert Michael Croasdale joins the podcast to provide additional context for Source One's newest whitepaper series. Leveraging his year's of hands-on Procurement experience, he outlines the flaws in traditional approaches to MRO spend. Organizations, he suggests, have a tendency to seek out quick-win strategies for tackling the category. While well-intentioned, these efforts are rarely effective in the long-term. In Part 2 of the conversation, Croasdale will offer his suggestions for taking a more effective approach to the category and realizing the considerable strategic benefit.

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