ICYMIM: September 17, 2018

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Tariffs: A Black Cloud Marring the 2019 Commodity Outlook
Taras Berezowsky,Spend Matters, 9/17/2018
Reporting from a recent conference on trends in commodity sourcing, Berezowsky suggests tariffs continue to command the attention of industry experts. While exemptions are an option for certain companies, Berezowsky outlines five more likely options for mitigating tariff risks. These include should cost analyses and alternate source identification. Surprisingly, not everyone is looking to change their operations in the face of tariffs. A survey administered at the conference found that 54% of respondents plan to maintain (or increase) their volume of foreign purchases. Our fraught political climate means that tariffs are both inevitable and unpredictable. Vulnerable organizations must act now.

Where No Manufacturer Has Gone Before: The Industry of Mars Colonization, Part 1
Kristin Manganello, Thomas New, 9/11/2018
While the prospect of colonizing Mars has thrilled scientists and stargazers for decades, it's only recently begun to look like serious possibility. The challenges presented by life on the Red Planet are numerous, but Manganello suggests NASA has already made strides. Partnering with organizations like the University of Arizona and Mars One, they're already developing an infrastructure for sustaining both human life and industry. Later this week, she'll take a closer look at some of the manufacturing and logistics practices that will make for an effective transition into colonization.

2020 is Fast Approaching - What Have You Accomplished? Part 2
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 9/11/2018
Lamoureux continues his investigation into the supply chain advancements of the last five years. Once again, he concludes that the Big 4's predictions for Supply Chain 2020 are still a ways away. Artificial Intelligence, for example, offers very little that it wasn't offering a full decade ago. Though the user experience for artificially intelligent tools is improving, capabilities remain largely stagnant. RFX and e-Procurement, too, have seen few changes besides the odd new feature or increase in third-party support. Lamoureux concludes by asking his readers to look inward and thoroughly assess their organizations. He asks, "What have you accomplished?"
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