Like all business units, Procurement stands at the brink of a new technological era.

You don't need to be an expert in Supply Chain Management to understand this. A quick glance at any industry blog should provide a sense of how loud and how pervasive the hype machine has become.

It's not hard to see why. Long dismissed as a tactical, low-value entity, Procurement is eager to land on the next big thing. This enthusiasm, however, has its downside. In their efforts to embrace new tools and reach the cutting edge, Procurement groups often rush into things. As a result, many find themselves struggling to implement tools that are mismatched to their actual needs and capabilities.

To make matters more complicated, most solution providers are moving away from the consultative space to focus on developing their core competencies. Oftentimes, this means Procurement is left to assess, select, and implement technologies on its own. Even the most well-appointed team can feel overwhelmed when this is the case.

That's why Source One introduced it's suite of Procurement Technology Advisory services. Leveraging their collective decades of supply chain experience, the spend management experts offer end-to-end support to help organizations develop an optimal approach to their tools and solutions.

Source One's Procurement Technology Advisory Services include:
To learn more about how Source One's team help your organization kick off its digital transformation, check out this new video outlining Source One's Procurement Technology Advisory practice. 
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