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While we continue explore new technologies in this series, there is also a need more and more to focus on trends in the sectors and rate of adoption as well as practicality of implementation. This is where business efficiencies truly lay.
Call to Sourcing and Business management professionals: lets stay afloat of all this or we risk going by way of terms like 2011 Charlie sheen’s “winning”… 
As is proverbial said: “If you can work remote you can be automated” (also, personally, I'd like to add  "and at the very least be outsourced.")  In all clichéd sort of sayings that we find in corporate/business world, we rarely take the time to scratch much deeper than our meme culture and 6 second attention spans.  
In this case like in many others, there is value staying on the topical trend longer than six seconds meme that gets shared and goes viral. (side bar rant: anyone else getting annoyed by the triviality of the business generic and esoteric sayings that go viral on LinkedIn, while articles with actual content goes stale.. ugh, another issue for another day.)
Back to the point: The Driving force of this quote is the increasing ease of programming via the introduction of new higher level languages open doors to increased cost reduction and this can enable new opportunities.  
Programming languages have gone through a new dawn, a genesis of technological sorts, to where the adoption curve that have been pretty much tailored to each specific type of language per its specific purpose: php, java, and python etc. But what is particularly worthy of note is the wave of languages that have been easier to learn and read. 1 and 0’s lowest to Python and SQL ( practically readable text). AKA a High Level Language. This trends over-layed with easier and faster ways to code and of course the "git."   
As these languages become easier to code the cost benefit calculation to build an algorithm or certain type of command moves itself into relevance for the business manager to take note of certain operations.  
COST REDUCTION NOTE:  Sourcing/Business Professionals vigilance of the language tech to increasing efficiencies with other business practices and overall trends – can free up a lot of operating capital and in this case too time….
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