March 2, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Blogs:

E-L-What? Electronic Logging Devices
Jonathan Groda, Next Level Purchasing, 2/28/2018
Since 2015, the logistics and trucking communities have been abuzz with conversations regarding Electronic Logging Device mandates. ELDs are devices that track and record a truck driver's driving time. As of December 2017, it is mandatory for a variety of commercial vehicles to include these devices. Affected vehicles include those with Department of Transportation Class 3 or greater and any vehicles transporting hazardous materials. The devices are intended to increase safety, increase road time, and reduce the amount of paperwork that drivers are required to handle. This year, companies will begin to observe the mandate's impact and - presumably - make fundamental changes to their operations.

Recent Podcasts:

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 2) - Bringing Marketing and Procurement Together 
Take one look at ISM2018's agenda. You'll likely notice that Procurement and Marketing's contentious relationship is a popular topic for sessions and panel discussions. Within many organizations, Marketing is still hesitant to embrace the strategic value of Procurement. In her time at Source One, Senior Consultant Megan Connell has proven particularly successful in promoting collaboration between the two departments. She joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the importance of speaking Marketing's language and effectively communicating Procurement's value internally.

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 1) - Amazon's HQ2 RFP: A Case Study in Sourcing Excellence
As Amazon continues its hunt for a second North American headquarters, speculation continues to grow more intense. Remarkably, this highly competitive bid process commenced with an 8-page RFP. The document is unbelievably concise for a project of this scope. Source One Senior Project Analyst Jennifer Engel believes Procurement professionals can learn a lot about effective RFP construction by taking a closer look. She kicks off ISM2018 Session Insights by discussing the best practices she observed in the document. Amazon promises to dominate the discussion at ISM2018. Listen today to get in on the conversation early. 

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