March 9, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Blogs:

Financial and Operational Considerations for Parcel Services 
Leigh Merz, My Purchasing Center, 3/2/2018
When it comes to effectively sourcing parcel delivery services, a competitive price isn't everything. Source One Senior Consultant Leigh Merz discusses the many considerations that play into a truly strategic purchasing decision. Procurement teams often ignore these considerations. Typically, organizations are satisfied if their shipments arrive on time and carriers claim to offer a competitive price. Merz suggests a close assessment of the category and its contracts. A deep dive can easily reveal inefficiencies and missed opportunities for both hard and soft dollar savings.

Establishing Trust in Transformation
Jennifer Ulrich, Buyer's Meeting Point, 3/6/2018
Procurement transformation initiatives often depend on effective stakeholder relationship management. A recognized transformation expert, Source One Associate Director Jennifer Ulrich knows this typically means working to establish trust. Many stakeholders still associate Procurement with reduced costs and inferior products. Ulrich suggests that Procurement must familiarize itself with the language and objectives of other departments. They should also recognize the lowest-cost option is not always the best solution. Without trust, it can be difficult or impossible to produce any sort of results. Stakeholders might decide that Procurement is the enemy, go rogue, and create a domino effect of lost savings and efficiency.

Recent Podcasts:

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 3) - Can Millennials Drive Procurement's Future? 
ISM's Annual Conference features an agenda packed with dozens of expert-led sessions organized into six learning tracks. Among the six is 'People,' a track focused on optimizing talent to drive Procurement's ongoing strategic evolution. Confronted with a growing talent gap, CPOs and other industry experts are hoping millennial talent will provide the innovative solutions and unique skillsets Procurement needs. Source One Senior Analyst Dejana Dosen joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the qualities that set this generation apart.

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 2) - Bringing Marketing and Procurement Together 
Source One Senior Consultant Megan Connell joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the strategies that have helped her encourage collaboration between Marketing and Procurement. Take one look at ISM2018's agenda, and you'll notice this topic is a popular topic of conversation. Historically, the two departments aren't known for their close relationship. Connell stresses the importance of truly understanding Marketing's objectives and learning to speak their languages. Listen to the conversation today.

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 1) - Amazon's HQ2 RFP: A Case Study in Sourcing Excellence
Recently narrowed to 20 finalist cities, Amazon's hunt for a second North American headquarters is all over the news. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the eCommerce juggernaut is looking for more real estate. It should surprise everyone, however, how exactly they've gone about their search. The project's RFP, publicly released in October, contains only 8 pages. Source One Senior Project Analyst Jennifer Engel joins ISM2018 to discuss the document. Remarkably concise, she suggests it offers a case study in effective RFP construction. With former executive John Rossman among ISM2018's keynote speakers, Bezos and company promise to dominate the conference's conversations. 

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