March 16, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Podcasts:

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 4) - Developing Procurement Training Programs 
Among supply chain professionals, few topics are more widely discussed than Procurement Transformation. A number of ISM2018's learning sessions and panel discussions will focus on developing these initiatives to advance and optimize Procurement. Source One Senior Consultant Megan Connell is a veteran of numerous Procurement Transformation efforts. She's learned first-hand that constructing appropriate training programs is essential for a successful transformation. Unfortunately, many companies still rely on outdated materials or lack Procurement-specific programs altogether. Connell shares her tips for creating training materials that will support Procurement's ongoing strategic growth.

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 3) - Can Millennials Drive Procurement's Future? 
Procurement's growing talent gap promises to dominate the conversation at ISM2018. As sourcing veterans retire, experts industry-wide are hoping millennial talent will step up and lead Procurement into its next era. Source One Senior Analyst Dejana Dosen joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the unique qualities that set this generation apart. She suggests that tech-savvy, innovative, and collaborative millennials are perfectly equipped to accept leadership positions and close the talent gap within leading organizations.

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 2) - Bringing Marketing and Procurement Together 
Marketing and Procurement aren't known for their amicable relationship. Tasked with managing issues like brand identity, Marketing teams are especially likely to view Procurement as a cost-cutting nuisance. In her years with Source One, Senior Consultant Megan Connell has proven uncommonly successful at bringing the two departments together as strategic partners. The key, she suggests, is to familiarize yourself with Marketing's language and come to a genuine understanding of their goals and objectives. Her insights should prove valuable for anyone looking to encourage teamwork and mutual benefit within their organization.  

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