ISM2018 Session Insights: What Does a Bad Procurement Hire Cost?

ISM2018 is still over a month away, but it's already clear that recruiting and talent management will figure heavily into the conference's conversations. This year's agenda features an entire learning track dedicated to empowering Procurement's people for optimal performance.

Procurement teams everywhere recognize the importance of recruiting, vetting, and hiring the right talent. Too many, however, are leaving these duties to overworked internal teams. Lacking the bandwidth to properly vet candidates, many Procurement organizations sacrifice time, money, and internal morale only to find they've hired the wrong person. Once one bad hire is out the door, the vicious cycle often starts all over again.

Source One's Strategic Account Consultant Andy Jones joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the considerable hard and soft dollar costs of an ineffective hiring decision. An expert in recruiting top-notch Procurement professionals, he also explains the benefit of welcoming a third-party into your team's hiring efforts.

Listen to the episode today.
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