Procurement departments are nothing without the right team of professionals. It's increasingly clear that developing an effective Procurement function means investing in recruiting, hiring, and optimizing talent.

Dow Jones and the HR Certification Institute recently conducted a survey of C-suite executives. Every single respondent listed "talent strategy and engagement" as a primary concern. Only 59%, however, believe their organizations currently employ effective strategies for attracting and retaining new employees.

Take a look at some emerging trends that'll define Procurement hiring throughout 2018 and well into the future.

Properly leveraging talent is essential for building a world-class Procurement function. For more talent management insights, be sure to attend Sourcing Analyst Kaitlyn Krigbaum's presentation at ISM2018. Titled Orchestrating a Successful Procurement Transformation, the session will focus on optimizing people and processes to establish a thriving, fully strategic Procurement team.
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