When he joined Source One as an intern back in 2013, Kenneth Ballard wasted no time in setting himself apart.  Distinguishing himself  as a savvy, determined, and flexible member of the team,  he accepted a full-time position in a matter of months. He's steadily climbed through Source One's ranks ever since.

Emerging as one of his industry's thought leaders, Ken has distinguished himself as an expert in a broad range of categories including fleet management, nearshoring, and LTL logistics. His insights are regularly published on Procurement and Strategic Sourcing blogs, and his peers consider him an asset to Source One's culture.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive recognizes Ken for his particular success in the complicated world of international sourcing.  Throughout his time at Source One, he has continually embarked on ambitious global projects.  Fearlessly navigating time zones, tariffs, and cultural barriers, he's helped a number of Source One's clients achieve their savings goals.

Check out some of the tips and best practices Ken has shared on the Strategic Sourceror:

- LTL Sourcing Dos and Donts
- MRO Sourcing and Contracting Tips 
- Nearshoring: Benefits at a  Glance
- OEM Fleet Sourcing Tips 
- 3D Printing and the Future Supply Chain

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