Procurement's strategic evolution has changed the mold for Procurement professionals. New, more essential tasks require unique skillsets. Coupled with a widening talent gap, Procurement's new responsibilities have many organizations scrambling to attract and optimize the right talent.

As millennials enter the workforce, industry leaders are hoping they'll provide the means for Procurement's next evolution. Attracting millennial talent is one thing, but how can companies ensure their hires perform to their full potential? Many are leveraging rotational programs to acclimate millennial hires and expose them to various areas of Procurement.

Source One Senior Project Analyst Jennifer Engel joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the benefits of rotational programs. In her years with Source One, she's enabled a number of clients to implement these schemes. Providing diverse, hands-on experience, they've proven effective for optimizing Procurement's operations.

ISM2018's agenda is loaded with sessions dedicated to managing millennial Procurement professionals. Get in on the conversation early by listening to this week's episode.
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