March 23, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Podcasts:
ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 5) - Rotational Programs for Procurement Talent
Millennials bring a lot to the table as they enter Procurement departments. They're tech-savvy, collaborative, and flexible, but they lack the hands-on experience to accept leadership positions and reach their full potential. Industry-wide, managers are asking themselves how they can optimize young talent and prepare them for Procurement's future. Source One Senior Project Analyst Jennifer Engel suggests that employee rotational programs could be the perfect way to familiarize young professionals with Procurement's many responsibilities. She joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss methods for implementing these programs and ensuring their long-term success. 

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 4) - Developing Procurement Training Programs 
Talent optimization is among the hottest topics in Procurement and Supply Management. 'People,' one of ISM2018's 6 learning tracks will focus almost exclusively on the issue. As organizations look to construct optimal Procurement teams, many find themselves struggling to effectively train the right class of professional. Some are still relying on outdated materials, while others lack Procurement-specific training altogether. Source One Senior Consultant Megan Connell joins ISM2018 Session Insights to offer her tips for developing and maintaining training programs. A veteran of Procurement transformation initiatives, she's learned first-hand how important it is to properly train your team.

ISM2018 Session Insights (Episode 3) - Can Millennials Drive Procurement's Future? 
Unsurprisingly, Procurement's widening talent gap promises to dominate the conversation at ISM2018. As purchasing veterans age and retire, experts across the industry are hoping millennial talent will step up, accept leadership positions, and drive Procurement into its next era. Source One Senior Analyst Dejana Dosen joins ISM2018 Session Insights to discuss the unique qualities that could help set this generation apart. She suggests that this innovative and collaborative crop of young talent is perfectly equipped to help close the talent gap.

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