Procurement's veterans are retiring left and right. As they leave, they're taking valuable skills and experience with them. Couple this with Procurement's strategic evolution, and it's no wonder CPOs have their hands full.

Developing and optimizing an internal Procurement team is no small feat. Increasingly, CPOs are leveraging the skills of contingent resources to fill in gaps and supplement their efforts.

The Strategic Sourcing experts at Source One have spent years arming Procurement teams with the right contingent resources. We're able to serve CPOs' efforts because we know what's on their minds. Check out the four contingent labor trends that CPOs everywhere are observing.

Procurement Contingent Labor Trends

Contingent Labor Trends for Procurement

Contingent Labor Trends for Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
Procurement's Contingent Labor Trends
Procurement's Contingent Labor Trends

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