Working with small to medium sized businesses offer a number of advantages. Beyond supporting government mandates for diversity requirements, SMBs offer innovation, unique values, and customization capabilities that can be beneficial to buying organizations. However, despite these benefits, there are also a number of "turn-offs" that can occur during the sourcing process that can prevent companies from fostering a successful relationship with SMBs.

In our final installment of the Countdown to ISM2016 Podcast series, we sat down with Travis Sherbine, Ed Edwards, and Tom Greco from to get an inside look at their session titled Does anyone out there want my business? During the session Greco and Sherbine will take the stage with Natalie Menke of Universal Blower Pac and INOHVA Pneumatics to discuss the reasons why more companies need to consider partnering with SMBs. Together, they demystify SMBs shedding light on what not do during the RFP process, as well as how to ideally engage these companies.

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