Don’t confuse social distribution with content effectiveness. As the Content Marketing
Institute explains, “metrics such as shares, retweets, and views are often the easiest and most obvious to gather, but they may be the most deceptive and unreliable when evaluating whether your content is genuinely making a difference.” According to The Fournaise Marketing Group, 76% of marketers use the wrong KPIs and metrics to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. And most marketers are still considering market effectiveness to be about awareness (74%) and/or engagement (71%). About 86% believe engagement was a form of conversion. But are customers scrolling through your social content and then “liking” your page or “retweeting” your content but then never buying the product?

It is important to not hide behind numbers that are flawed, inaccurate, inconsistent, or meaningless. Social can be a great way to share content and while we are not advising you to stop distributing content, we do caution you about the types of metrics you are analyzing. Stop to think if the metrics being measured really show insight into content effectiveness and translate directly to your bottom-line, if not, you have to take the numbers for what they really are, just numbers that don’t say anything about your ROI.

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