Last week, Chicago Supply Chain professionals gathered to network and discuss the future of the Procurement function in a panel discussion. Bridging the Talent Gap -  organized by ISM-Chicago's Emerging Leaders Committee - addressed the skills and strategies that will drive Procurement and Supply Management's next generation.  Five expert panelists shared best practices and answered questions about how professionals can refine their skills and close Procurement's numerous talent gaps. Corcentric’s Brandon Hummons, who serves as chair of the Emerging Leaders Committee, called the event “interactive” and its conversations“forward-thinking”. 

“The Emerging Leaders Committee, as a team, learned so much about what young ISM members want and what they'll need to excel in their professions," Hummons remarks. "We are driven and committed to fulfilling that need.” 

Hummons and the rest of the Committee hoped that the discussion would encourage attendees to view the talent gap as an opportunity. They believe they succeeded; adaptability and ongoing education were themes of the night.

There’s a gap in the procurement and only the most successful emerging leaders will take those extra steps to close it. Supply chain talent is in high demand but according to Fronetics, 51 % of companies within the SCM industry are seeing an increase in turnover of supply chain leaders. This is potentially a great opportunity for young leaders to rise to the cause and build next-generation Procurement teams. Where can businesses find these young leaders?  The nation's top SCM programs could be the perfect place to start.

The group will continue to inspire emerging SCM professionals with future networking and thought leadership events. Check the Strategic Sourceror for updates.

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