ICYMIM: November 25, 2019

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Can B2B Transaction Help Tackle Today's Most Pressing Challenges? 
Paul Polizzotto, Future of Sourcing, 11/22/2019
Corporate social responsibility is becoming less of a want and more of a need as consumers and stakeholders grow more aware of the corporate world's impact on in global matters. Procurement's role in CSR is especially critical as many corporations feel their CSR achievements are stunted by budgetary limitations. Paul Polizzito explains how Procurement teams can use B2B decisions to meet corporate promises to society.

Why Businesses Must Be Aware of Brexit Supply Chain Risks
Phillip Woode, Future of Sourcing, 11/21/2019
The looming Brexit has U.K. supply chains wondering what their future will look like. Procurement teams will play a key role in predicting which business activities will be affected and to what degree. Phillip Woode provides readers with three ways supply chains can respond to a deal or no-deal Brexit and be prepared for a post-Brexit market. 

Three Logistics Lessons Black Friday Can Teach Manufacturers and the Supply Chain
Christina O'Handley, Thomas Net, 11/20/2019
Black Friday is one of the biggest logistical challenges of the year and it's almost year. Because this weekend is a critical sales period for most retailers, manufacturing processes have to be in pristine shape to handle the demand and keep customers happy. Christina O'Handley provides us with three virtues to live by during this hectic shopping holiday. 
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