Zilingo is a fashion technology platform that was founded in 2015 in Singapore. The vision of the company is to use technology to put responsible and efficient business practices at the reach of businesses and consumers. Their services include but are not limited to software, supplier resourcing, digital catalog, and private label.

Zilingo sees the importance of having a strong supply chain and is working towards expanding and improving theirs. They are investing $100 million USD in order to digitally transform the fashion supply chain. Their goal is to make it easier for brands to source and sell, and removing the industry stigma of favoring a select few suppliers. This new supply chain will also increase transparency, which they believe will lead to more sustainable practices being implemented. Since Zilingo is a technology company, they have the resources necessary to support their desire of speeding up apparel sourcing through digitized entrenched manual processes. Along with technology improvements, the sourcing process will be faster due to the elimination of middlemen. By removing middlemen, the process will not only be faster but it will help grow profit margins.

Although Zilingo is a relatively new company, they have proven they are a force to reckon with. Their platform includes 60,000 retailers and 6,000 factories. They also currently span 17 countries, but they are working towards furthering their business in the US and expanding into Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Zilingo is currently valued at around $970 million USD and at the beginning of 2019, they were able to raise $226 million USD in order to fund their expansion plans.

Based on this information, it seems Zilingo is a company we are going to start hearing more about. Not only will we see the brand in articles, we will start to see their company unfold as they expand into our territory. Zilingo is set to make striking changes in the fashion industry.
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