ICYMIM: November 18, 2019

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How to Expand Your Manufacturing Business Into New Markets
Thomas Net, 11/12/2019
The manufacturing industry has a promising future but only for those companies who make wise decisions and employ cautious strategies. Venturing into new markets proves to be valuable if handled correctly. Here are three ways your manufacturing company can use digital marketing to enter new markets.

Catching up on Corcentric, which has been on Spend Matters' radar for years
Spend Matters, 11/14/2019
When it comes to the wide breadth of procurement challenges, it's hard to know who to look to. Luckily, Corcentric has the solutions and the tools to get companies to where they want to be. Spend Matters highlights their interest in multi-service offering superstar, Corcentric.

Is 'Supply Chain Finance' a Fancy Way of Saying 'Financialization'?
David Gustin, Spend Matters, 11/13/2019
What even is financialization, what does it have to do with supply chains, and why is everyone talking about it? Supply Chain Finance is getting a bad wrap but it's not all negative once you truly understand it. David Gustin gives us an overview of its application in supply chain management. 
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